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Barong or suit and tie for men

Decoding different dress codes in the Philippines

Different events call for different dress codes. In the Philippines, what conventions do these dress codes call for? An occasion that calls for “formal attire” (or black- or white-tie) means a conservative three-piece suit for men (think coat-and-tie or tuxedo) in subdued colors, or a barong Tagalog made of jusi or pinya worn over an […]

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Barong Tagalog Formal Wear

Piña, Jusi and Filipino Weddings

Perhaps no other fabric material symbolizes Philippine culture best than piña and jusi. Many people mistakenly interchange the two terms, probably because the finished products which they are made of look somewhat similar. But their most distinct difference is in the way that they are made. “Piña” is the Spanish word for “pineapple”. Piña fabric, […]

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