Gangnam Wedding Video by Threelogy

If there’s one trend that has taken the Philippine wedding scene by storm, it is Gangnam style of dancing. It didn’t originate from Hollywood or New York or Paris or any of the fashion centers of the world but from South Korea. Yeah, it sounds strange but it is taking root in not only weddings but Christmas parties as well. K-Pop sensation, Psy, the inventor of this style, continues to enjoy a staggering number of fans and huge turnouts at his concerts.

It’s been around only for a short while but there’s no doubt that it’s here to stay. Gangnam popularity spans the globe and almost all social media outlets have some clip or video of someone or a group of people dancing Gangnam. These video clips are receiving a record number of hits and going viral by the day. Perhaps it’s fast and exciting beat coupled with rhythmic body movements makes it a favorite style for celebrations. Gangnam’s popularity at weddings is definitely unchallenged and is bound to be the most played song in weddings.

For Andrew and Karen’s wedding, Threelogy video together with the couple and the couple’s family and friends recreated scene by scene Psy’s popular Gangnam Style music video. It was a sure at hit at Andrew and Karen’s wedding.

Gangnam Andrew and Karen from Threelogy Video on Vimeo.

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