Pantone Color for 2013 Weddings, Emerald Green

Emerald Green Weddings

For a long time now, green has been a color that not only symbolizes beauty and steady love but also harmony and dependability. It is a suitable color for weddings if your aim is to bring out a fresh and vivid look for your one in a lifetime occasion. This is a color that is not too bright and does retain its brightness without seeming boring.

Emerald Green Invitation

Emerald is a high quality mineral that has considerable hardness and suitable for wedding rings. The value of this beautiful and luxurious gem comes from its color whereby a transparent gem signals its naturalism. This jewel is associated with different things according to various cultures around the world. The Egyptians associated it with fertility and rebirth while others believed it could cure a number of sicknesses. This beautiful greed gemstone will not only give your wedding the purity it deserves but also unlimited wealth and power.

Emerald Green Pantone 2013 Entourage Dresses

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